Is 2020 the year you decide on a bathroom remodel? You’ll find that there are a lot of wonderful trends in bathroom design this decade. Homeowners are moving away from bare-bones white and gray styles and trying out pops of color, hints of gold, and warm woodsy tones. Let’s take a look at five popular bathroom design trends of 2020!

Bold Black and White

As people are finally growing bored with shades of gray in their homes, many are starting to experiment with bolder tones. The next time you visit a friend’s house you may see an all-black powder room with matte black wallpaper and dark ceramic sink and toilets. 

Even if you don’t want to go all out with this color choice, you can still be trendy with black on white accents. Choose black or oiled bronze fixtures to finish your tub enclosure. Pick out a lovely black and white marble pattern wall surround or wainscoting to tie the look together. 

Hints of Gold

Homeowners are also starting to go back to the classic look of polished bronze or gold fixtures. This beautiful color choice adds instant charm to your bathroom. Imagine a spacious walk-in shower in all white with brilliant gold fixtures and shelving. You may even want to add hints of gold throughout with gold frame bathroom mirrors, and wall art to complete the look.

Lots of Tile-like Patterns

The tile look is also coming back into style again. Except this time, people are choosing a wider range of shapes than just subway tile. You may see Roman block, hexagonal, chevron, or Moroccan tile patterns popping up in floors, walls, and bath enclosures.

Wood Trim & Shelving

If you like the look of wood, then you’ll love that this trend is coming back into popularity again. Homeowners are increasingly opting for lightly stained wood shelving and cabinets with straight, sleek lines. Think minimalist or Scandinavian décor that emphasizes function and highlights the material the shelves are made from rather than detailing.

Pops of Color

Homeowners are also starting to experiment with brighter colors again. You’ll find many rooms being decorated with accents of bright blue or pink. The key is not to overwhelm with your color choices. If you paint the walls blue, you might want to stick with simple white bath and shower enclosures. Or, you can pick out a statement piece in an off-pink or pastel pink shade to wow visitors.

Whether you want an understated classic bathroom or something bold and beautiful, it takes the skill of a trained bath remodeler to get the results you desire. Turn to Shugarman’s Bath for help with your bathroom remodel, no matter how big or small. We offer a selection of exclusive colors & patterns inspired by the latest trends of 2020. Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Or, fill out our online contact form to ask about a free quote for any of our bathroom services.